Thursday, December 17, 2009

If god gives me another chance…

It’s a very odd point of time I am writing this. Being involved in so many human issues, it just popped up in my mind that what is that I would like to change if god gives me another chance and tells me to change any one thing I would like to in my life….

First of all, I would like to thank god for giving me so many conveniences that are not for sure provided to everybody so lavishly. I have a wonderful family with very sweet, understanding and loving parents, a caring elder brother and a newly joined but very nice and caring bhabhi…

I am not sure of what god holds for me in future but yes I never complain to him for what all he wrote in my life till date as well… he gave me lots of chances, ideas and people who will always be a part of my life be it individually or through their sweet memories for the rest of my life. Whom I would really blame for miss-happenings in my life will be me myself. It is me myself who is taking the various decisions and the consequences are also being handled by me, so how can I just sit in front of god and make all the blames to him. I believed in the very famous saying that “yes, whatever happens, happens for good”. But is it really true? Are the things happening on their own? Yes, god is somewhere involved in it but is he solely responsible?

I don’t know who will answer to these questions but yes, I would like to move forward to the answer of the question my topic asks… what I would do if god gives me another chance?

If I am given a chance, I would thank the god for the same, will ask him to take the chance away and give someone who hasn’t got a single chance to live his/her life the way I did… I know what you are thinking that these are just the big words I am using for writing purpose. But being a human I admit that I will also ask him something additional to this that will be in benefit of me. It will be his guidance and support, helping me in taking my decisions firmly, which I think I lack a lot, and also I would like to request him to either reverse my life a bit or to give me a chance of re-taking some decisions that I took wrong in my past… but for that also, I would consult him and only him…

And if by chance while reading this you understand my problem then please pray to god to do to same and listen to me. I am not writing this just for the sake but whatever I am writing is the truth coming directly from heart because I don’t think so that anyone will wake up at night at around 3:44am and write this all suddenly by switching on his/her laptop…

Yes it’s around 03:45am right now of 17/12/2009 that I am writing all this…



Monday, December 14, 2009

A Delhi Metro Voyage

Remember the last time you went by taking Delhi Metro?? Remember the last time you were standing on a metro station and leaning forward to see the metro approaching?? Remember the huge crowds at Rajeev Chowk and Kashmiri Gate metro stations, pushing you and making you board the train automatically??

Yes I want you to recall all those moments you spend daily or at least once in a week travelling by the Delhi Metro connecting the large number of stations and areas of Delhi.

Delhi metro was started on 24th December 2002 and since then it is serving the city with its full geared up efforts. There have been certain mis-happenings as well but then also becoming more and more conscious, Delhi Metro Management is functioning and daily catering to thousands of citizens.

When I hear the words, Delhi Metro, the first thing I recall is the badly jammed metro compartments, the minute to minute announcements of stations, the loud music played by some passengers, students sitting on the floors even after being prohibited, and the loud ring tones of the mobile phones of various passengers which keeps on ringing one after the other without a huge time gap…

The surroundings of a compartment of Delhi Metro are so worth describing that I can’t avoid myself to write on it. It was a morning peak hours time at around 11 am when all the working individuals take the metro for their office. Just as I boarded from Pitampura metro station with roughly 20 more passengers with me in the metro towards Dilshad Garden, I saw a very aged uncle standing near a pole and waiting for a chance to get a seat under the Senior citizen seats out of those been occupied by teenage boys. On the other side, there was lady standing in a corner and trying to manage somehow with 2 luggages and a small kid. But on the seats, there were young professionals in the age bracket of 19- 30 sitting blindly without noticed the suffering passengers who were most eligible for sitting. I was supposed to change the metro at Kashmeri Gate and take the underground one for Rajeev Chowk.As soon as Kashmeri Gate station arrived, people started pushing each other and as a result the small kid fell off between the station and metro entry. Then also, no-one cared to pick him up and were rushing like anything. I didn’t like the behaviour of these passengers, if these well educated young passengers cannot understand humanity, then how can we expect this from our elders and young kids.

I am travelling in the metro since I started preparing for my CAT exam and was supposed to change 3 metros for the same. And now if I look back, it’s been more than 5 years that I am a continuous traveller of Delhi Metro. I appreciate the efforts of the Delhi Government and the Delhi Metro Authorities for maintaining the metro so nicely that it still doesn’t appear to be 7 yrs old. I cannot take any strict action to make everyone understand the importance of the rules, regulations and etiquettes but I can only request each one of us to take care of such circumstances in our lives which will in turn help someone.



Sunday, December 6, 2009

Parchment Craft

Hello everyone...
Its been long time since my last blog.. I would first of all like to thank to all of those who were reading my blogs and appreciated me for the same. Also there are few people who supported and encouraged me to write more by helping and suggesting me the topics and different arts of writing.

Today, i would like to share with all a new piece of my work, which is a bit time consuming and because of this fact i am able to complete one of its project in a day only. Its known as Parchment craft where carving sorts work is done on a special piece of paper with special tools and effects. I have added this to my work options and currently teaching as well as taking orders for the same. Hoping for a positive response from all my readers,I am hereby uploading few pics of my work.

1. An envelope
2. A photo-frame
3. Another Envelope

- Priyanka

Friday, November 13, 2009


"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle,and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."
- Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.

Few years back, when the electricity was used to go off, the only instant thoughts that approached everyone in India was to light a candle. But times have changed and so did the technology, habits and thoughts. Now we don’t need to even care for the same as we have automatic generators or invertors which don’t even need to be started once the electricity went off.

I still remember the times when the electricity was used to come back after some times and we used to run from our rooms into a race that who will blow off the candles that were lit on the shelf near lobby wash-basin, in the bathrooms and all over the house. It was so much fun, playing this game as all the kids of a house used to get together to test their running abilities.

Candles, I think I can write and share a lot about them. And the reason for the same is I have been closely in touch with them for around two and a half years. I know how these are born and how to determine its life. Too much of human terms, to be simple, I know the art of making designer candles and also the way it is decided of the number of burning hours.

The candles are also a major part of the romantic dinner theme. These aromatic designer candle light dinners are still today a charm of romance for beautiful made for each other couples. Feng-shui and Vastu-Shastra also support burning of candles at home with a belief that the negative energies also do get burnt with them. Candles are very majorly used by the Christians in Church for there prayers. And the best use we have seen since our childhood is the candles on the cake. Celebrating the happiness and birthdays are not fulfilled without a candle on cake and the birthday boy/girl blowing the candle away.

The various raw materials today being used for candles are like Paraffin Wax, Bees Wax, Marble Wax, Gel Wax, Soy Wax etc. Majority of these are used by heating them to a particular temperature, adding desired colour and fragrance and thereby pouring them into desired moulds together with adding designs. The wick of the candle can be added to the candle at the time of making it and even after it’s completed by drilling a whole and then inserting the wick and holder. The wicks of these candles come in different variety of widths which are used for different candles according to their diameter. These range from 1.5 inches wick 3 inches candle wicks.

I pray to the lord, with a candle in my hand that let the world keep purchasing candles for celebrating there happiness and for having great homes with their loved ones with whom they can have candle light dinners and let this exist with year after year of birthday celebrations with candles.
God Bless All…

- Priyanka

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Addiction to Handbags

What is the primary thought that pops-up in your mind when you hear the words, GUCCI…PRADA…LOUIS VUITTON…ESBEDA…HIDESIGN…DA-MILANO…etc.
Yes, it’s a magnificent, wonderful, outstanding, elegant, stylish and graceful handbag for women.

Allow me to ask all my readers one more question. When was the last time you purchased a new handbag? Or when was the last time you thought of purchasing a handbag?
I am pretty sure, sometime in near past, may be 2 weeks, you must have thought to purchase one or must have promised yourself in the marketplace that on the next occasion you will certainly procure “this” or “that” brand or sort of handbag.

Well – well, even all the guys reading this, must have heard something on the subject of handbags from their female friends, associates, girlfriends, wives, sisters and even mothers. You know what, we females, actually have an addiction for handbags.

Well I will make a confession here. I bought one yesterday itself. It’s a beautiful mauve colour Esbeda handbag which is just perfect. Even after buying this one, I can’t think of leaving/ discarding the one I am presently using, which is a polka dotted brown coloured potli type handbag from Baggit which I bought about a year ago. I don’t know, but somehow, it has become vital to me and I can’t even think of doing away with it. I am very much addicted to it as I carry it each and everywhere even in case at times people feel that there is no need of it. It helps to boost up my confidence and gives me a comfortable feeling.

I asked few of my extremely good associates regarding the first thought that pops up in their mind as soon as they hear following popular words, the results are in front of you :-

1. GUCCI – LUXURY brand which the maximum females are mad after
3. Female handbag - a stylish lady, fashionable n independent; Women’s life for the day; the most essential need of the day

Humans have a habit of associating merchandise with the particular one they are using or dream of becoming the proprietor of. For example, when one of my associates was asked a similar question, her first thought was, an elegant brown coloured Da Milano handbag she was planning to acquire.

The demand and addiction of handbags is just not with the young generation of today, but if you go and check the closets of our mothers, they too are having a minimum of 6-7 handbags, although they don’t get time of changing these very often. A bride is expected to have at least 11 different kinds of handbags at the time of her wedding so that she can match them with her wedding attires.

But Market is now changing. Chinese products have captured the market place with their copied products available throughout the country very easily. People do want to buy branded handbags but they want to spend minimum for the same. ‘Why not buy an imitated Louis Vuitton for 1/10th of the original price’, is the thinking of today’s women. Now we can easily get an imitated China made Louis Vuitton, Gucci for 2000 – 3000/-. The import of Chinese products is the upcoming business these days and more and more businessmen are getting involved in it.

It’s true that we cannot live without a choice, but we should also think of those who cannot afford to have even 1. if out of the 11-12 pieces we have, even if we donate one to the needful, it will help them a lot to fulfil their dreams as well. I am not saying to give away your favourite or the most expensive one, but at least we can give away the one which we are not using at all. So lets go back and recheck in our closets and take out one and only one for giving it to our working maids or any other needful person. Also, may be we can coordinate and club up with an NGO and start working on this. I can take the initiative but will require your support, so all those who are willing to help, please respond to this blog so that I can start working on it.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Photography

its been a long time i wrote a blog. its because i was on a holiday trip from past 25 days. i went to various places and learnt many things. The trip also made me to grow my interest in photography. as a result, i studied many of the pics clicked by me and also clicked the others acordingly.

i would appreciate all the readers to have a look at some of those and comment on my skills of photography.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

SUNDAY – The happiest day and WEDNESDAY – the worst

I know this is a weird and wonderful subject and you all must be wondering that why I wish for writing about this. The reason is, some time ago I was going through the news bulletin articles on internet and found that there has been a study done to prove that Sunday is the happiest day of the week and Wednesday is the worst. The subject matter fascinated me b’coz we Indians also have such a belief. And the basis for such faith might be that the majority of us take Sundays as weekends and have our working off’s on the same day of the week. It is enormously believed to be a family day where everyone is expected to spend time with their loved ones and enjoy to the fullest.

A recent study prepared by University of Vermont, Sundays are considered to be the happiest day which is the favourite of all while Wednesday is believed to be the worst day of the week. Although the research was done keeping in mind many factors and after considering the number of aspects as well as millions of blogs, but we Indians already had this as our mindsets from our childhood days.

Our parents used to have their working off on Sundays only irrespective of they being a businessman/businesswoman or into the service jobs. The Sundays are assumed to be the weekends where every individual is expected to spend time with their family members, complete their pending tasks, take pleasure in cinemas and meant for doing shopping be it from undersized shops or from luxury malls which are having increasing significance day by day. In India, you can notice the maximum number of footfalls and conversions in the malls, all cinema halls booked all picnic spots full of people on Sundays only. Since my early days, I memorize spending my Sundays in marketplace with my parents purchasing the useful stuff for us and for our sweet home and in the evening visiting India Gate, Delhi, enjoying the extraordinary light effects, fountains and eatables like popcorns etc. sitting in the surrounding parks of the well-known monument, India Gate. The few places that are famous to be visited on Sundays in Delhi are, India Gate, Children’s Park, Shopping Malls, and Cinemas etc.

On the other hand, Wednesday is considered to be the middlemost day of the week where the working folks have the highest amount of work stress and this is one of the reasons why it is believed to be the worst day. This is a day when even the students have to go to school and colleges’ without dreaming of the weekend as the weekend is still 3 days far-off. The gloominess level is high on this day as there is no enthusiasm of having fun and of enjoying in the near future i.e. at least for another 3 working days.

Now let me brief up about the study I read which also talks about the rest of the days of the week.

Mondays are considered to be a good day for investing in the stock market and also it is considered to be the day having the maximum deaths due to heart attacks.
Tuesdays are considered to be a good day to update blogs. According to the report by ‘THE DAILY TELEGRAPH’, maximum numbers of blog hits are reported to be done on Tuesdays.
Wednesdays are considered to be a good day for asking a hike in your salary from your boss but is considered to be a very bad day for driving.
Thursdays are good to give up smoking but bad for rain as one's willpower is strong for the first few days which helps you get through the weekend.
And, Fridays are good to sack someone, but bad for earthquakes. According to the study, half of the world’s worst earthquakes in history struck on Friday including the one that killed 30000 people in Gujarat in 2001.
Saturdays are a good day to have a baby but a bad day for drinking. Babies born on Saturdays have a better than average chance of becoming Prime Minister. Of 20 British PMs’ elected since 1900, six were born on a Saturday including Harold Wilson and Stanley Baldwin.
And, Sundays are a good day to communicate but bad for cooking, all females know it better.

Therefore now it’s a suggestion to work throughout the weekend accordingly and have fun to the fullest in our lives, which can be done on Sundays… :-)


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sharing & Contributing

Sharing and Contributing are the two words that we listen too often from our parents and elders. They always edify us to share and contribute to others since the time we are born. Our elders see uncountable dreams ever since the day they know that an adolescent is soon going to enter this world and therefore they plan a lot concerning how will they bring him/her up so that he/she stands well in the human race. Sharing our thoughts, our money-orientated belongings and our life with others is what the most vital need of humankind. Humans are alleged to be communal animals who cannot survive devoid of the help of others around them be it another human being, flora and fauna or any other creation of the nature & supernatural being. Now let me take this opportunity to discuss about the diverse proceedings which emerge in an individual’s life cycle where he actually needs to share and contribute with the others. Let me commence in the midst of the very foremost juncture i.e. the date a kid primarily enters his kindergarten days. He is constantly educated so as to he learn to share his belongings among his other mates. He should spend time with his associates in order to comprehend each other well. A child is always evaluated on the basis of his contribution. Contribution can be in any field like contribution to the class sessions, contribution to the cultural events and also the contribution in maintaining the discipline of the campus etc.
I can still recall the very first day I stepped into an institution. It was a bright sunny day when my dad took me to my school. I resembled a typical Indian school adolescent, wearing the school uniform and having a diminutive school bag on my back which had few books, copies and a pencil box having 3 to 4 well sharpen pencils, an eraser, a scale and a sharpener. And of course, if you have gone through the same then you cannot fail to remember that unique water bottle that always hung in the neck together with a tidily folded handkerchief attached close to the left shoulder. I remember the moment when my dad handed me over to my class teacher who was standing in front of the classroom with a sun umbrella in her hand. She grabbed my hand and guided me towards the class and then to my bench where I was expected to park myself and become skilled at the fundamentals of existence of a soul. She seemed to be lovely but was reasonably strict. Here, in the kindergarten class we toddlers were expected to be trained to share and contribute to our lives. And as the days passed, we were trained new lessons and habits which gave us the capability to comprehend the nitty-gritty of living a great life in this globe.
I am really thankful to those teachers who spent their time to craft these little kids like me to be able to do well in life, which was never possible without them. Our teachers by no means gave up and contributed the major chunk to the positions we hold today. I know all of us must have thought of this many a times but very few of us would have got the opportunity to thank our so respectful teachers. I take this opportunity today through this blog, to thank my teachers, although I don’t want to take their names, for helping me understand this world, developing self-confidence, self-belief in me and enabling me contribute well to this world.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Retail branding

Retail BrandingLet me share with you all some of the conceptual insights of retail branding I learned in my post graduation.Branding is something which will make you switch from one brand to another. There always exists a reason for a customer for shifting from Subhiksha to Spencers. It is the intangible value that the brand has created in your mind. We can differentiate between a manufacturer’s brand and a retailer’s brand. A manufacturer brand is a subset of a retailer’s brand. A retailer’s brand on the other hand is a brand that is being sold by a retailer and can be a brand of anything. A retailer can have ‘n’ number of different brands and also, he can have ‘n’ number of products under a same brand.If we notice, then there may exist the same number of assortment labels which any of the 2 stores keep, for e.g. levi strauss and lee cooper might have same labels but then also, the customer might prefer to go to a levis store as compared to a lee cooper store.There exist certain parameters for distinction in retail branding:-1. Customer Service – it is the way and terms a store serves its customers regarding their demands, queries and complaints.2. Width & Depth of assortment – the variety a store keeps i.e. the various designs and patterns which forms the width and the sizes and colors which forms the depth of the merchandise assortment.3. Merchandising at store level – the merchandising decisions i.e. the decisions regarding the procurement and the number of merchandise to be kept in the store.4. Loyalty Programmes – the various schemes and offers the store provides to the customers who are regular and loyal to them.5. Promotional Offers – the other promotional offers that store comes up with for the general public and potential customers.6. Store Environment – the ambience of the retail store, which includes the color scheme, the background music, the fragrance etc. inside the store7. Visual Merchandising – the physical appearance of the store, the way the merchandise is displayed matters a lot in brand loyalty.8. Store Promotions – it means the responsibility and social initiatives the store takes to promote itself, adds on to the branding of the store.Retailer’s brand equity is the measurable value of the brand preference over others. It is because of the marketing effects or the outcome of the retailer’s efforts.For e.g. the Shoppers Stop’s exchange scheme for old Salwar Kameez with a new one will be considered a good as compared to the other stores which do not have such schemes and brand equity.


some facts of our life

Soft skillsWe all have no clues that we use only 0.001% of our mind in our whole life. According to a research done in Moscow, our brains can remember 1.5 million books at a time. Imagine the capacity of our brains and the amount we utilised. This means that there exists a very large potential which can be utilised by us.There exists 3 major remedies that exists for stability of our minds are:1. Surya Namaskar2. Yoga3. MeditationGod has given us 4 major gifts for our lives :1. Mind – Intelligent quotient2. Body – Physical quotient3. Heart – Emotional Quotient4. Soul – Spiritual QuotientNow let me discuss them one by one:-1. Mind i.e. the intelligent quotientOur mind is divided into 3 major parts –a. conscious mind, which is of 10%b. sub conscious mind, which exists as 90%c. Unconscious mind, which has an infinite capacity.There exists a very good book which further details about this, “Beyond of our knowledge”.In 1949, Osho said “Happiness is nothing but a state of mind”. We develop our attitude from our perceptions. a human being has a mood swing in every 40 minutes. It happens because in every 40 minutes, our breathing state changes. Therefore, it is believed that we should focus on our believes which will itself help us to have a good attitude and behaviour.2. Body i.e. the physical quotientOur body is all about our habits and our way of living. We can have a control on our physical quotient by waking up early morning, exercising, doing yoga and surya namaskar. Sun is the only living god we have present from past hundreds of years.We should also know how to manage our diet and food habits which further helps us to manage our anger. We can do this by not eating much of chilli and adding more of green vegetables to our diet.Always remember, “Your mind is invisible body and your body id a visible mind”3. Heart i.e. the emotional quotientWe learn to respect and love others from our heart. Our way of communicating with others is all derived from our heart. It is all about our personality and our character. Emotional quotient displays a human being’s thinking and characteristics.It is being advised that we should try to grow our Intelligent quotient and Physical quotient based upon our Emotional quotient.Life is Learning Institue For Everyone.4. Soul i.e. the Spiritual quotientIt is about the combination of all the other 3 quotients of our lives. We need to have a good soul together with our mind, body and heart to have a enhanced lifestyle.


hostel life

It’s been a few days that I have written any blog. Actually, life moves on so fast that its very difficult at times to take out some time for yourself in a day. Right now, I have a life full of ‘n’ number of thoughts which keep on floating in my mind day and night.
Today, I would like to share some of my thoughts, feelings and learnings that I got in my life till date. Mostly of which belongs to my 2 years spent in hostel doing my MBA and also the 3 yrs spent in my graduation.

I remember the day I entered the campus, 12th June 2007 with the dream of having individual hostel rooms. But the second I entered my allotted flat, I saw 2 of my batch mates already standing their and unpacking their stuff. The flat consisted of only 2 rooms, so I thought them to be sisters where one was helping the other to adjust the stuff and would definitely leave afterwards. Entering the flat and having a talk with them opened up my and my parents eyes’ that these two were room-mates and the other room of the flat was supposed to be shared by me and the fourth most awaited flatmate. I got terrified from the fact and straightaway went to the warden mam and deputy director of the institute, had an argument with them for the same but was finally convinced to share the room.
All 3 of us sharing the flat were waiting eagerly to know our 4th flat-mate, as it was a great deal for 2 years to share lives with each other. She, my room-mate didn’t come the same day and rather arrived the very next day. Till the time, the first night of hostel was spent by all 3 of us together by joining the two beds of a room, sitting, chit-chatting and finally adjusting on a double bed, 3 of us slept together as the 2 sweet flatmates of mine never wanted me to sleep alone on the very first day.
So on the very first day I learnt that this flat is going to be my home for the next two years with 3 new family members out of 2 I already knew and prayed the third one to be lovely as well.

Staying 3 hours away from home always lured me on holidays to get moving and reach home as soon as possible no matter of the fact that the off in institute was for only a single day. Travelling from my institution to my place was not an easy task and as directed by my parents I always required a company for the same. So we with the time made a group of few people residing in the near by areas, making it easier for each one of us to do back and forth on offs.
I still remember amongst the starting days we were back home and were supposed to leave for hostel next morning, we all were conferencing with each other, taking advises from our parents regarding the route of the cab, talking to cab booking numbers for around 2 to 3 hours in the evening. Our parents got annoyed badly as we were not able to fix up the programme amongst 6-7 of us even in more than 2 hours of continuous phone calls. We realised, it was because of lack of adjustments between us which got tuned later very nicely.

People do have different views about different people and things. It may occur that I might find a person to be very nice and helpful while a friend of mine may feel that that particular person is very rude by nature. What I particularly feel and learned about this is that, it all depends on my own behaviour towards that person. I mean to say, I myself is responsible for the way the other person behaves with me. A friend of mine one day told me one very sweet thought, “Nobody is bad, nothing is bad. It’s just your perception about d people & things. Everybody is striving to get d best for themselves or for their friends n relatives, n in case something wrong occurs during that course of action, then it is not intentional. So its d best to keep your perceptions clear and be happy always.” In case that friend of mine read this blog any day, then I would really like to thank him for sharing it with me, coz it helped me a lot to live my life in a best way possible and to have good relations with all living beings on this earth.

I would like to suggest all the parents reading this blog, that they should send their children once in hostels and should allow them to move out of their home at least once in their student life, because the facts, the practicality they will learn in this time period of their lives cannot be taught to them by having them at their safe homes.i am saying this from my own experience as well as experience of my batch mates. It really teaches us the ways we should live our lives, what should we do various situations and the most importantly it teaches us to adjust with others and work in teams.


Monday, June 8, 2009

what is distribution?

Now let me discuss about distribution.
As discussed earlier, distribution is about indirect selling as well as physical distribution.
Distribution is about making a product available to the customers. here the major job of the organization is to decide the path i.e. the channel and the various intermediaries for the distribution process.
The intermediaries for the same can be as the middlemen, the agent or brokers, the wholesalers, the retailers, distributors, dealers who are the specialists in any particular products or the value added resellers (VARs).

The types of channels can be one level channel, two level, three level or even four level channels.
The channel strategy decision for distribution is further divided into 3 parts:
1. Intensive distribution i.e. by making the product intensively available widely in the market, it is preferred for the convenience products. For e.g. Pepsi, being made available in each and every small shops. It leads into increased sales, wider customer recognition and in impulse buying by the customers. on the other hand it leads to characterically low prices and low margins in the product.
2. Selective distribution i.e. it limits the availability of the products to a few carefully selected outlets to gain adequate market. For e.g. outlets by fashion designers like satyapaul, whirlpool, Samsung products. It helps in adequate market coverage, more control and less cost and moreover it helps the firms which are capable enough of carrying full product line rather than having only 1 quality.
3. Exclusive distribution i.e. where the supplier agrees to sell his product only to a single middlemen. For e.g. l’oreal, kaya, major women apparel brands etc. It provides the organization with full control, enhances the product image, promotes the dealer loyalty and also restricts the resellers from carrying the competing brands. On the other hand, it becomes risky by betting on only one dealer in the market place. Therefore, this type of distribution is suitable only for the highly priced, high margin and low volume products.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

what exactly is sales??

Now let me discuss what exactly is sales & selling.
Sales is all about how an organization helps the public to fulfill their requirements with the help of the merchandise that the organization offers.

Also, Selling is not about pushing a product down the customer’s throat. It is also not about smart talking or outsmarting the customers. A customer feels deprived of his privacy in case he is been called frequently by any salesmen. To take an example of this, it happens with all of us daily. We are the major victims of the banks from where we get the calls regarding offering of credit cards, personal loans, home loans etc. moreover these days, even the mobile service agencies like, Vodafone, idea and Airtel call ‘n’ number of times in a day to their customers as well as to the prospective customers. And what actually happens when they call us is that, we get so much irritated at times that we disconnect the call even without listening to the person on the other side.
Something similar was the case few years back for the walk-in salesmen like from aqua-guard, who used to visit each home just to display their products. But they also faced the similar situation of being kicked off or not being entertained at all by the households. Which gave learning that, sales is also not about running on the field job to achieve targets blindly.
Also remember that it is only a Myth that “schemes help to sell the product”. Its is not at all like that.
Selling is about
knowing your product / service inside out
meeting the end objectives of your organization
knowing your customers/ prospective customers thoroughly
maintaining peer level relationships with your customers
listening and understanding well your customers
making the customers feel comfortable with your presence
helping and always telling the truth to the customers and never misguiding them.

Sales is very much different from marketing. In marketing we identify the markets and promote our product, while in sales, customers are identified and the best is done to fulfill their needs.


hello everyone

hello everyone
thank you for visiting my blog.
i am priyanka, who is been born and brought up in India. i have completed my graduation as well as post graduation in India itself. i love to write and would love to share my thoughts, my learnings and my past experiences with everyone which could become helpful.
i would be glad if u comment after you go through my posts which will help me to do improve myself.


lets start up with the introduction to the topic.
the topic can be divided into 2 major parts:
1. sales management
2. distribution management
Let me discuss sales management initially. This basically refers to the direct selling. The major functions it involves is of analysing,planning,organising, directing and controlling of the whole sales force for an organization.
On the other hand, distribution management is further divided into two parts:
indirect selling
physical distribution
Indirect selling means selling been done with the help of various channels such as dealers, distributors, agents etc while physical distribution refers to the process of movement of merchandise from one place to other like the movement that takes place from the factory i.e. the place of origin of the merchandise to the final end customer for that product.

Now let me explain the thin line of difference that exists between a customer, consumer and a buyer.
A buyer is a person who buys any brand of product just because he needs to buy it. For e.g. A person ‘A’ go to a shop and asks for a bathing soap. Here this person ‘A’, is not affected and is least interested to decide upon which brand will he be interested in using. On the other hand, a customer is brand centric. He will always take care of which brand he purchases. For e.g., Mr. B went to the shop & asked for a Cinthol bathing soap. In this case, he is very much conscious of the brand of merchandise he purchases.
A customer is a person who purchases the merchandise irrespective of the fact that he is the end user or not. While, a consumer is a person who actually consumes the merchandise.