Monday, December 14, 2009

A Delhi Metro Voyage

Remember the last time you went by taking Delhi Metro?? Remember the last time you were standing on a metro station and leaning forward to see the metro approaching?? Remember the huge crowds at Rajeev Chowk and Kashmiri Gate metro stations, pushing you and making you board the train automatically??

Yes I want you to recall all those moments you spend daily or at least once in a week travelling by the Delhi Metro connecting the large number of stations and areas of Delhi.

Delhi metro was started on 24th December 2002 and since then it is serving the city with its full geared up efforts. There have been certain mis-happenings as well but then also becoming more and more conscious, Delhi Metro Management is functioning and daily catering to thousands of citizens.

When I hear the words, Delhi Metro, the first thing I recall is the badly jammed metro compartments, the minute to minute announcements of stations, the loud music played by some passengers, students sitting on the floors even after being prohibited, and the loud ring tones of the mobile phones of various passengers which keeps on ringing one after the other without a huge time gap…

The surroundings of a compartment of Delhi Metro are so worth describing that I can’t avoid myself to write on it. It was a morning peak hours time at around 11 am when all the working individuals take the metro for their office. Just as I boarded from Pitampura metro station with roughly 20 more passengers with me in the metro towards Dilshad Garden, I saw a very aged uncle standing near a pole and waiting for a chance to get a seat under the Senior citizen seats out of those been occupied by teenage boys. On the other side, there was lady standing in a corner and trying to manage somehow with 2 luggages and a small kid. But on the seats, there were young professionals in the age bracket of 19- 30 sitting blindly without noticed the suffering passengers who were most eligible for sitting. I was supposed to change the metro at Kashmeri Gate and take the underground one for Rajeev Chowk.As soon as Kashmeri Gate station arrived, people started pushing each other and as a result the small kid fell off between the station and metro entry. Then also, no-one cared to pick him up and were rushing like anything. I didn’t like the behaviour of these passengers, if these well educated young passengers cannot understand humanity, then how can we expect this from our elders and young kids.

I am travelling in the metro since I started preparing for my CAT exam and was supposed to change 3 metros for the same. And now if I look back, it’s been more than 5 years that I am a continuous traveller of Delhi Metro. I appreciate the efforts of the Delhi Government and the Delhi Metro Authorities for maintaining the metro so nicely that it still doesn’t appear to be 7 yrs old. I cannot take any strict action to make everyone understand the importance of the rules, regulations and etiquettes but I can only request each one of us to take care of such circumstances in our lives which will in turn help someone.



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