Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am just a KID in this BIG City!

Life always holds something or the other in store for us. It can be good, it can be bad. It can make us happy, it can leave us sad…

A very good friend of mine always used to tell me that whatever happens with us happens for our good only and I never believed him because whatever was happening that time was not as per my choice, my dreams and my expectations from life. Life always showed so many colors to me that but what I always remembered and cribbed about were the dullest colors ever!

Things change, people change and so do the environment around us… it’s just that we need to open our arms wide and welcome those changes in our lives and learn the ways to start living with these changes in our sweet little world.

These lines are very well and easily advised than followed. I personally remember, advising these to people in my human sphere but I think I myself took a lot of time to even understand it and start working on it to make my life a better one! Every morning became a new start just like a small kid getting a Re1 coin and being told by god that today, I hold the freedom of going anywhere and everywhere and do whatever I wish to, with this coin.   

If I look back, then I can make out that what I did everyday was to go out and spend that Re 1 coin to the same place in the same manner as I did the previous day… strange but true, that I resisted trying out new ways to spend the same. Be the spending given me the worth of only 10p and I knew this, but I went all again the next day and so many next days to their only with a belief that I was not spending these precious money but rather, I was investing them in something which will give me lifelong returns. Though, some amount of my spending gave the returns to others, but today at least what I am happy of is that at least some percentage of return fell in my empty bag as well… J

I am today a bit happy- a bit sad girl who is happy for having a good friend as returns of my invested time and efforts and is sad for losing a few good relations of my life. But then, the major learning that god made me learn from this daily procedure of Re 1 of my life is that I should not expect anything from anyone… everyone is a human after-all and can do mistakes as I did…

This street, this area, this city, this world… rather, this whole universe is so big that there exists “n” number of humans who do the same everyday… and I am just a kid who does whatever I find right. I know that I can be wrong; I could be hurt, but then, I A JUST A KID IN THIS BIG CITY who is a bit stubborn, a bit self decisive and a bit confident. I do respect my elders for guiding me, but trust me, a KID like me learns more from experience rather than the precautionary parental guidance!!

I think, a few of you might agree with me and a couple of u even might not, but all I want to say is, that it's our life and we need to learn and live our ways!!! So why be scared? Just be confident about the place you are investing your day which is a precious rupee of your life and Just Go Ahead!!  J