Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Qayda Qayda Akhir Qayda (Rules!!!)

Qayda todke, socho ek din…

Are Qayda todke, socho ek din,

Chand nikalta neeche se, maidan mei rakha hota..

Meethi hoti mitti uski, meethe ghaas aur patte,

Are socho, chand pe dood ki gehri dariya behti

Gore - gore usme, bhalu cheete rehte….

Unche - unche teele, hote kulfi ke,

Aur Ghaans faluda hoti to didi kya maza aata!

Are haath mei chammach lekar jate

Raat din bas chaand hi khate

Chahe hota zyada!!

Qayda Qayda Akhir Qayda…

Qayda Qayda Akhir Qayda!!!

Hope u remember this song of the old movie Khubsoorat. The renowned actress Rekha played the lead role singing this song in movie.

I believe this song in reality suits every child as we always have issues with our adults… J

We feel the same that what these Qayda or rules are, when we are not approved to go out for night-outs with our friends, we are not allowed to even enter the discs and the pubs, which we are dying to go into with the mentality that we just wanna checkout that what actually exists there to stop us to go. This also happens in all even other such similar circumstances.

But u know what, at times our parents are very much correct to stop us from going or doing such things but I think that the way of telling us so should actually be a bit different.

What if our parents send us once with our friends to the discs or pubs and let us realise ourselves that “No, that place is not worth going” & rather we ourselves find out that there should exists certain stuffs that we should avoid doing.

I know that all of us must have thought that why our parents stop us, but trust me the day we will realise and be parents, we will do the same.

Keeping this short & crisp I will come to the point that all I want to communicate is that, we should tell our children for the wrongs and rights but also give them the ability to think and be decisive in cases where we cant or will not be there to tell them the right or wrong.

I am thankful to my parents that they have understood me well and I am today in a position to decide for my right and wrongs. They gave me the liberty to go through the things and then decide this. Now the “Qayda” is not Qayda, but something I myself follow in my life.

Thanks a lot to God for giving me such great parents!




  1. Very nice thought.. As you mentioned, parents should explain the pros and cons and ask there son/daughter ti take decision and help them in taking right decision rather than imposing one on them which might make them feel that they are living a very restricted life!

    Keep penning down your thoughts :)

  2. seriously thought provoking..!!!
    In true sense this is called a perfect relationship between a child and a parent.Parent should play a role of mentor not a dictator. Good work done.
    Looking forward to have some more....!!

  3. There is this saying...

    You give man a fish and you feed him for a day whereas you teach a man to fish and you feed him for lifetime...

    Every mentor needs to do that... any biggest lesson any mentor can teach to his/her pupil is the right judgement to decide what is wrong and what is right... and one of the biggest contributor to that judgement is self-experience...