Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Angel who Flew away…

We work, we earn, and we spend,
We talk and discuss the things with our true friends,
With a simple reason to feel happy when day ends,
With all our worries kept aside when d day suspends…

Having the blessings from our elders,
Those who strive to make our lives much better…
It’s such a great relief to have them beside
But very sad in their absence to live & decide…

I wish we could have had this option
To decide ‘n’ fit in as per our notion…
I wish god came ‘n’ gave me a chance to say
That I never wanted him to take her away!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


The season is changing its colours and now we will be able to see more of yellows...
Yellows will be all over due to heavy sun-rays...
Yellows will be the colour of clothes for baisakhi…
And of-course, yellow will b d colour of a very good fruit, Mango!!!

It’s always suggested by dieticians to include at least 3-4 fruits in a day’s diet, but d problem that exists is d availability of this wide variety of fruits…
I love to eat Mangoes, the most excellent fruit of this upcoming season. This sweet little yellow fruit has a great taste. There comes a wide range of this fruit which we won’t even know the names of. The variety includes names like, Dashehri, Langda, Safeda, Alphansos and many more.

Mangoes have been a very much loved fruit & it already has a few successful related events n products.

Yes, u guessed it right; we have a specialised festival, known as Mango Festival which is organized every year in Delhi. This festival has lots of competitions like mango eating and also gives knowledge regarding the varieties. It wont be wrong to say that it has an amazing collection of mangoes from the smallest, to d largest, to d sweetest and to d most different shaped.
The interesting part is that no other fruit has such a specialised importance J

Now to talk about products, how can we forget the favourite of even our parents since their childhood, Frooti? Yes, it also has a main ingredient as mangoes. And the list now exists for such products like, Mango Rasna, Frooti, Maaza and many more. I remember getting frooti at my school picnics and also in our train travels.
The fruit also has taken a form of jams and syrups and juices to reach all in one or the other form.

I have no interest in promoting any brand but yes, I wrote this blog to promote the fruit Mango together with all other amazing ones like strawberries n grapes...

I suggest all the Mango lovers to get ready to enjoy the gr8 fruit this season as well and keep loving these summers at least for this J

Take care,

Friday, March 26, 2010



What first thing comes to your mind, when you hear the word PURPLE?
I recall the purple orchids, the purple berries, a purple coloured evening gown, a newly launched Purple collection of Titan watches and also how can I forget the Purple Lux soap been advertised by beautiful lady Katrina!

The world is going Purple, Purple and Purple!!
I went to a mall recently and discovered a few stores displaying dresses all in purple… It came as a shock as this colour is the colour of the season. We generally mix the purple colour with violet and mauve, but actually all three are very different to each other.

The colour purple embodies a good balance between the red simulation and a calm blue colour. A very high sense of mystic and royal qualities is served by this eye soothing colour. This is a colour generally liked by the creative and eccentric kinds’ humans. It’s considered a colour of adolescent girls. According to the various researches, this colour actually uplifts us mentally & physically, calms our mind, offers a sense of spirituality and also encourages the creativity within ourselves.
I am a big purple maniac, and this is well known to my dear ones. I have a wide collection of my stuffs, all in shades of purple. A purple titan watch, a purple pair of slippers, few purple tops, a purple pen, a purple handkerchief, a purple hand-bag, a purple bed sheet in the purple coloured room, a purple laptop with a purple coloured theme and wall-paper is what I dream off!!
I know there’s too much purple in this dream, but that’s what made me write on PURPLE!

I don’t know what this blog will have a effect on you, but one thing is for sure, that you will also at least think of what all you have is purple. So keep counting the purple stuffs!!!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Imagine being thrown out of your place, where will you go?

Today, 23rd March 2010, 2.10pm came with a very bad incidence along. People were really thrown out of their house and I am really been occupied with the thoughts and snapshots of the scene.

My mind is full of the thoughts that where will those people go tonight for hiding their heads from this darkness when they actually wont have any sleep rather will keep thinking of what will they do now. When we are sitting in our houses, those people are moving on to their relatives’ places for spending this time as the repercussions of the uncontrollable incidence that took place.

You must be wondering what I am talking about. I am talking about the unexpected fire that caught in a 150 year old multi-storied building of Park Street, Kolkata. The fire caught the building at 2.10 pm at the 4th or 5th floor and wasn’t being able to be controlled till 8 pm. According to the reports 6 people got killed while more than 20 injured.

I have my close relatives residing in Kolkata & that too only a 10 minutes walking distance. I heard the news at 2.30 pm and rushed to switch on the television at my place. Saw the news, was touched the way the clippings were shown. The building had more than 100 offices, student institutes and even residential houses. The building was full of people and the ratio was more on the female side. The way people were taken out of the tragic place was heart moving.

Since the time I saw that, my mind is again n again taking a U-turn to think of all those people who were inside, all those who jumped coz of fear n were on the spot dead and also those who got injured badly, just because of no-one’s fault but a short circuit. A cherry on this bad cake was the stairs of the building which were wooden resulting in worst conditions.

I am unable to stop thinking that where will those residents of that 150 year old building would have gone for a night shelter today?? Where would have they gone as their comfort zones didn’t existed anymore?? Their own beds on which they loved to sleep, their home, their ways of living life were all disturbed, leaving them to start all again with no positive dreams. Right now, when I am writing this, some of them are in hospital fighting for their lives, some are in god’s place and still a few searching place to pass this dark night.

Written this blog just to pray for their betterment and to remind you all that it can anytime anywhere happen to anyone of us as well. Please pray for those who were victims today.

May God Bless All!!!



Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Qayda Qayda Akhir Qayda (Rules!!!)

Qayda todke, socho ek din…

Are Qayda todke, socho ek din,

Chand nikalta neeche se, maidan mei rakha hota..

Meethi hoti mitti uski, meethe ghaas aur patte,

Are socho, chand pe dood ki gehri dariya behti

Gore - gore usme, bhalu cheete rehte….

Unche - unche teele, hote kulfi ke,

Aur Ghaans faluda hoti to didi kya maza aata!

Are haath mei chammach lekar jate

Raat din bas chaand hi khate

Chahe hota zyada!!

Qayda Qayda Akhir Qayda…

Qayda Qayda Akhir Qayda!!!

Hope u remember this song of the old movie Khubsoorat. The renowned actress Rekha played the lead role singing this song in movie.

I believe this song in reality suits every child as we always have issues with our adults… J

We feel the same that what these Qayda or rules are, when we are not approved to go out for night-outs with our friends, we are not allowed to even enter the discs and the pubs, which we are dying to go into with the mentality that we just wanna checkout that what actually exists there to stop us to go. This also happens in all even other such similar circumstances.

But u know what, at times our parents are very much correct to stop us from going or doing such things but I think that the way of telling us so should actually be a bit different.

What if our parents send us once with our friends to the discs or pubs and let us realise ourselves that “No, that place is not worth going” & rather we ourselves find out that there should exists certain stuffs that we should avoid doing.

I know that all of us must have thought that why our parents stop us, but trust me the day we will realise and be parents, we will do the same.

Keeping this short & crisp I will come to the point that all I want to communicate is that, we should tell our children for the wrongs and rights but also give them the ability to think and be decisive in cases where we cant or will not be there to tell them the right or wrong.

I am thankful to my parents that they have understood me well and I am today in a position to decide for my right and wrongs. They gave me the liberty to go through the things and then decide this. Now the “Qayda” is not Qayda, but something I myself follow in my life.

Thanks a lot to God for giving me such great parents!