Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Imagine being thrown out of your place, where will you go?

Today, 23rd March 2010, 2.10pm came with a very bad incidence along. People were really thrown out of their house and I am really been occupied with the thoughts and snapshots of the scene.

My mind is full of the thoughts that where will those people go tonight for hiding their heads from this darkness when they actually wont have any sleep rather will keep thinking of what will they do now. When we are sitting in our houses, those people are moving on to their relatives’ places for spending this time as the repercussions of the uncontrollable incidence that took place.

You must be wondering what I am talking about. I am talking about the unexpected fire that caught in a 150 year old multi-storied building of Park Street, Kolkata. The fire caught the building at 2.10 pm at the 4th or 5th floor and wasn’t being able to be controlled till 8 pm. According to the reports 6 people got killed while more than 20 injured.

I have my close relatives residing in Kolkata & that too only a 10 minutes walking distance. I heard the news at 2.30 pm and rushed to switch on the television at my place. Saw the news, was touched the way the clippings were shown. The building had more than 100 offices, student institutes and even residential houses. The building was full of people and the ratio was more on the female side. The way people were taken out of the tragic place was heart moving.

Since the time I saw that, my mind is again n again taking a U-turn to think of all those people who were inside, all those who jumped coz of fear n were on the spot dead and also those who got injured badly, just because of no-one’s fault but a short circuit. A cherry on this bad cake was the stairs of the building which were wooden resulting in worst conditions.

I am unable to stop thinking that where will those residents of that 150 year old building would have gone for a night shelter today?? Where would have they gone as their comfort zones didn’t existed anymore?? Their own beds on which they loved to sleep, their home, their ways of living life were all disturbed, leaving them to start all again with no positive dreams. Right now, when I am writing this, some of them are in hospital fighting for their lives, some are in god’s place and still a few searching place to pass this dark night.

Written this blog just to pray for their betterment and to remind you all that it can anytime anywhere happen to anyone of us as well. Please pray for those who were victims today.

May God Bless All!!!



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