Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Angel who Flew away…

We work, we earn, and we spend,
We talk and discuss the things with our true friends,
With a simple reason to feel happy when day ends,
With all our worries kept aside when d day suspends…

Having the blessings from our elders,
Those who strive to make our lives much better…
It’s such a great relief to have them beside
But very sad in their absence to live & decide…

I wish we could have had this option
To decide ‘n’ fit in as per our notion…
I wish god came ‘n’ gave me a chance to say
That I never wanted him to take her away!!!


  1. nice..:) looking forward for some more awesome ones :)

  2. Poem captures the grief of loss well.

  3. speechless.. i hope her soul rest in peace..

  4. Wonder lines..keep it to see more from your pen..