Monday, April 12, 2010


The season is changing its colours and now we will be able to see more of yellows...
Yellows will be all over due to heavy sun-rays...
Yellows will be the colour of clothes for baisakhi…
And of-course, yellow will b d colour of a very good fruit, Mango!!!

It’s always suggested by dieticians to include at least 3-4 fruits in a day’s diet, but d problem that exists is d availability of this wide variety of fruits…
I love to eat Mangoes, the most excellent fruit of this upcoming season. This sweet little yellow fruit has a great taste. There comes a wide range of this fruit which we won’t even know the names of. The variety includes names like, Dashehri, Langda, Safeda, Alphansos and many more.

Mangoes have been a very much loved fruit & it already has a few successful related events n products.

Yes, u guessed it right; we have a specialised festival, known as Mango Festival which is organized every year in Delhi. This festival has lots of competitions like mango eating and also gives knowledge regarding the varieties. It wont be wrong to say that it has an amazing collection of mangoes from the smallest, to d largest, to d sweetest and to d most different shaped.
The interesting part is that no other fruit has such a specialised importance J

Now to talk about products, how can we forget the favourite of even our parents since their childhood, Frooti? Yes, it also has a main ingredient as mangoes. And the list now exists for such products like, Mango Rasna, Frooti, Maaza and many more. I remember getting frooti at my school picnics and also in our train travels.
The fruit also has taken a form of jams and syrups and juices to reach all in one or the other form.

I have no interest in promoting any brand but yes, I wrote this blog to promote the fruit Mango together with all other amazing ones like strawberries n grapes...

I suggest all the Mango lovers to get ready to enjoy the gr8 fruit this season as well and keep loving these summers at least for this J

Take care,