Friday, November 13, 2009


"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle,and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."
- Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.

Few years back, when the electricity was used to go off, the only instant thoughts that approached everyone in India was to light a candle. But times have changed and so did the technology, habits and thoughts. Now we don’t need to even care for the same as we have automatic generators or invertors which don’t even need to be started once the electricity went off.

I still remember the times when the electricity was used to come back after some times and we used to run from our rooms into a race that who will blow off the candles that were lit on the shelf near lobby wash-basin, in the bathrooms and all over the house. It was so much fun, playing this game as all the kids of a house used to get together to test their running abilities.

Candles, I think I can write and share a lot about them. And the reason for the same is I have been closely in touch with them for around two and a half years. I know how these are born and how to determine its life. Too much of human terms, to be simple, I know the art of making designer candles and also the way it is decided of the number of burning hours.

The candles are also a major part of the romantic dinner theme. These aromatic designer candle light dinners are still today a charm of romance for beautiful made for each other couples. Feng-shui and Vastu-Shastra also support burning of candles at home with a belief that the negative energies also do get burnt with them. Candles are very majorly used by the Christians in Church for there prayers. And the best use we have seen since our childhood is the candles on the cake. Celebrating the happiness and birthdays are not fulfilled without a candle on cake and the birthday boy/girl blowing the candle away.

The various raw materials today being used for candles are like Paraffin Wax, Bees Wax, Marble Wax, Gel Wax, Soy Wax etc. Majority of these are used by heating them to a particular temperature, adding desired colour and fragrance and thereby pouring them into desired moulds together with adding designs. The wick of the candle can be added to the candle at the time of making it and even after it’s completed by drilling a whole and then inserting the wick and holder. The wicks of these candles come in different variety of widths which are used for different candles according to their diameter. These range from 1.5 inches wick 3 inches candle wicks.

I pray to the lord, with a candle in my hand that let the world keep purchasing candles for celebrating there happiness and for having great homes with their loved ones with whom they can have candle light dinners and let this exist with year after year of birthday celebrations with candles.
God Bless All…

- Priyanka

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Addiction to Handbags

What is the primary thought that pops-up in your mind when you hear the words, GUCCI…PRADA…LOUIS VUITTON…ESBEDA…HIDESIGN…DA-MILANO…etc.
Yes, it’s a magnificent, wonderful, outstanding, elegant, stylish and graceful handbag for women.

Allow me to ask all my readers one more question. When was the last time you purchased a new handbag? Or when was the last time you thought of purchasing a handbag?
I am pretty sure, sometime in near past, may be 2 weeks, you must have thought to purchase one or must have promised yourself in the marketplace that on the next occasion you will certainly procure “this” or “that” brand or sort of handbag.

Well – well, even all the guys reading this, must have heard something on the subject of handbags from their female friends, associates, girlfriends, wives, sisters and even mothers. You know what, we females, actually have an addiction for handbags.

Well I will make a confession here. I bought one yesterday itself. It’s a beautiful mauve colour Esbeda handbag which is just perfect. Even after buying this one, I can’t think of leaving/ discarding the one I am presently using, which is a polka dotted brown coloured potli type handbag from Baggit which I bought about a year ago. I don’t know, but somehow, it has become vital to me and I can’t even think of doing away with it. I am very much addicted to it as I carry it each and everywhere even in case at times people feel that there is no need of it. It helps to boost up my confidence and gives me a comfortable feeling.

I asked few of my extremely good associates regarding the first thought that pops up in their mind as soon as they hear following popular words, the results are in front of you :-

1. GUCCI – LUXURY brand which the maximum females are mad after
3. Female handbag - a stylish lady, fashionable n independent; Women’s life for the day; the most essential need of the day

Humans have a habit of associating merchandise with the particular one they are using or dream of becoming the proprietor of. For example, when one of my associates was asked a similar question, her first thought was, an elegant brown coloured Da Milano handbag she was planning to acquire.

The demand and addiction of handbags is just not with the young generation of today, but if you go and check the closets of our mothers, they too are having a minimum of 6-7 handbags, although they don’t get time of changing these very often. A bride is expected to have at least 11 different kinds of handbags at the time of her wedding so that she can match them with her wedding attires.

But Market is now changing. Chinese products have captured the market place with their copied products available throughout the country very easily. People do want to buy branded handbags but they want to spend minimum for the same. ‘Why not buy an imitated Louis Vuitton for 1/10th of the original price’, is the thinking of today’s women. Now we can easily get an imitated China made Louis Vuitton, Gucci for 2000 – 3000/-. The import of Chinese products is the upcoming business these days and more and more businessmen are getting involved in it.

It’s true that we cannot live without a choice, but we should also think of those who cannot afford to have even 1. if out of the 11-12 pieces we have, even if we donate one to the needful, it will help them a lot to fulfil their dreams as well. I am not saying to give away your favourite or the most expensive one, but at least we can give away the one which we are not using at all. So lets go back and recheck in our closets and take out one and only one for giving it to our working maids or any other needful person. Also, may be we can coordinate and club up with an NGO and start working on this. I can take the initiative but will require your support, so all those who are willing to help, please respond to this blog so that I can start working on it.