Friday, March 26, 2010



What first thing comes to your mind, when you hear the word PURPLE?
I recall the purple orchids, the purple berries, a purple coloured evening gown, a newly launched Purple collection of Titan watches and also how can I forget the Purple Lux soap been advertised by beautiful lady Katrina!

The world is going Purple, Purple and Purple!!
I went to a mall recently and discovered a few stores displaying dresses all in purple… It came as a shock as this colour is the colour of the season. We generally mix the purple colour with violet and mauve, but actually all three are very different to each other.

The colour purple embodies a good balance between the red simulation and a calm blue colour. A very high sense of mystic and royal qualities is served by this eye soothing colour. This is a colour generally liked by the creative and eccentric kinds’ humans. It’s considered a colour of adolescent girls. According to the various researches, this colour actually uplifts us mentally & physically, calms our mind, offers a sense of spirituality and also encourages the creativity within ourselves.
I am a big purple maniac, and this is well known to my dear ones. I have a wide collection of my stuffs, all in shades of purple. A purple titan watch, a purple pair of slippers, few purple tops, a purple pen, a purple handkerchief, a purple hand-bag, a purple bed sheet in the purple coloured room, a purple laptop with a purple coloured theme and wall-paper is what I dream off!!
I know there’s too much purple in this dream, but that’s what made me write on PURPLE!

I don’t know what this blog will have a effect on you, but one thing is for sure, that you will also at least think of what all you have is purple. So keep counting the purple stuffs!!!



  1. too much prple prple... good good...

  2. hey its gr8 yaar.....purple is all add to ur article just wana say purple is also the colour indication 4 makin women stronger n respectin thm.....bcoz its the colour which says STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.....

  3. I told you this one is too girlish... But pretty much effective, The best part is "The Purple Squirrel"...

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