Sunday, December 6, 2009

Parchment Craft

Hello everyone...
Its been long time since my last blog.. I would first of all like to thank to all of those who were reading my blogs and appreciated me for the same. Also there are few people who supported and encouraged me to write more by helping and suggesting me the topics and different arts of writing.

Today, i would like to share with all a new piece of my work, which is a bit time consuming and because of this fact i am able to complete one of its project in a day only. Its known as Parchment craft where carving sorts work is done on a special piece of paper with special tools and effects. I have added this to my work options and currently teaching as well as taking orders for the same. Hoping for a positive response from all my readers,I am hereby uploading few pics of my work.

1. An envelope
2. A photo-frame
3. Another Envelope

- Priyanka