Sunday, June 7, 2009

what exactly is sales??

Now let me discuss what exactly is sales & selling.
Sales is all about how an organization helps the public to fulfill their requirements with the help of the merchandise that the organization offers.

Also, Selling is not about pushing a product down the customer’s throat. It is also not about smart talking or outsmarting the customers. A customer feels deprived of his privacy in case he is been called frequently by any salesmen. To take an example of this, it happens with all of us daily. We are the major victims of the banks from where we get the calls regarding offering of credit cards, personal loans, home loans etc. moreover these days, even the mobile service agencies like, Vodafone, idea and Airtel call ‘n’ number of times in a day to their customers as well as to the prospective customers. And what actually happens when they call us is that, we get so much irritated at times that we disconnect the call even without listening to the person on the other side.
Something similar was the case few years back for the walk-in salesmen like from aqua-guard, who used to visit each home just to display their products. But they also faced the similar situation of being kicked off or not being entertained at all by the households. Which gave learning that, sales is also not about running on the field job to achieve targets blindly.
Also remember that it is only a Myth that “schemes help to sell the product”. Its is not at all like that.
Selling is about
knowing your product / service inside out
meeting the end objectives of your organization
knowing your customers/ prospective customers thoroughly
maintaining peer level relationships with your customers
listening and understanding well your customers
making the customers feel comfortable with your presence
helping and always telling the truth to the customers and never misguiding them.

Sales is very much different from marketing. In marketing we identify the markets and promote our product, while in sales, customers are identified and the best is done to fulfill their needs.


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