Sunday, June 21, 2009

hostel life

It’s been a few days that I have written any blog. Actually, life moves on so fast that its very difficult at times to take out some time for yourself in a day. Right now, I have a life full of ‘n’ number of thoughts which keep on floating in my mind day and night.
Today, I would like to share some of my thoughts, feelings and learnings that I got in my life till date. Mostly of which belongs to my 2 years spent in hostel doing my MBA and also the 3 yrs spent in my graduation.

I remember the day I entered the campus, 12th June 2007 with the dream of having individual hostel rooms. But the second I entered my allotted flat, I saw 2 of my batch mates already standing their and unpacking their stuff. The flat consisted of only 2 rooms, so I thought them to be sisters where one was helping the other to adjust the stuff and would definitely leave afterwards. Entering the flat and having a talk with them opened up my and my parents eyes’ that these two were room-mates and the other room of the flat was supposed to be shared by me and the fourth most awaited flatmate. I got terrified from the fact and straightaway went to the warden mam and deputy director of the institute, had an argument with them for the same but was finally convinced to share the room.
All 3 of us sharing the flat were waiting eagerly to know our 4th flat-mate, as it was a great deal for 2 years to share lives with each other. She, my room-mate didn’t come the same day and rather arrived the very next day. Till the time, the first night of hostel was spent by all 3 of us together by joining the two beds of a room, sitting, chit-chatting and finally adjusting on a double bed, 3 of us slept together as the 2 sweet flatmates of mine never wanted me to sleep alone on the very first day.
So on the very first day I learnt that this flat is going to be my home for the next two years with 3 new family members out of 2 I already knew and prayed the third one to be lovely as well.

Staying 3 hours away from home always lured me on holidays to get moving and reach home as soon as possible no matter of the fact that the off in institute was for only a single day. Travelling from my institution to my place was not an easy task and as directed by my parents I always required a company for the same. So we with the time made a group of few people residing in the near by areas, making it easier for each one of us to do back and forth on offs.
I still remember amongst the starting days we were back home and were supposed to leave for hostel next morning, we all were conferencing with each other, taking advises from our parents regarding the route of the cab, talking to cab booking numbers for around 2 to 3 hours in the evening. Our parents got annoyed badly as we were not able to fix up the programme amongst 6-7 of us even in more than 2 hours of continuous phone calls. We realised, it was because of lack of adjustments between us which got tuned later very nicely.

People do have different views about different people and things. It may occur that I might find a person to be very nice and helpful while a friend of mine may feel that that particular person is very rude by nature. What I particularly feel and learned about this is that, it all depends on my own behaviour towards that person. I mean to say, I myself is responsible for the way the other person behaves with me. A friend of mine one day told me one very sweet thought, “Nobody is bad, nothing is bad. It’s just your perception about d people & things. Everybody is striving to get d best for themselves or for their friends n relatives, n in case something wrong occurs during that course of action, then it is not intentional. So its d best to keep your perceptions clear and be happy always.” In case that friend of mine read this blog any day, then I would really like to thank him for sharing it with me, coz it helped me a lot to live my life in a best way possible and to have good relations with all living beings on this earth.

I would like to suggest all the parents reading this blog, that they should send their children once in hostels and should allow them to move out of their home at least once in their student life, because the facts, the practicality they will learn in this time period of their lives cannot be taught to them by having them at their safe homes.i am saying this from my own experience as well as experience of my batch mates. It really teaches us the ways we should live our lives, what should we do various situations and the most importantly it teaches us to adjust with others and work in teams.


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