Sunday, June 21, 2009

some facts of our life

Soft skillsWe all have no clues that we use only 0.001% of our mind in our whole life. According to a research done in Moscow, our brains can remember 1.5 million books at a time. Imagine the capacity of our brains and the amount we utilised. This means that there exists a very large potential which can be utilised by us.There exists 3 major remedies that exists for stability of our minds are:1. Surya Namaskar2. Yoga3. MeditationGod has given us 4 major gifts for our lives :1. Mind – Intelligent quotient2. Body – Physical quotient3. Heart – Emotional Quotient4. Soul – Spiritual QuotientNow let me discuss them one by one:-1. Mind i.e. the intelligent quotientOur mind is divided into 3 major parts –a. conscious mind, which is of 10%b. sub conscious mind, which exists as 90%c. Unconscious mind, which has an infinite capacity.There exists a very good book which further details about this, “Beyond of our knowledge”.In 1949, Osho said “Happiness is nothing but a state of mind”. We develop our attitude from our perceptions. a human being has a mood swing in every 40 minutes. It happens because in every 40 minutes, our breathing state changes. Therefore, it is believed that we should focus on our believes which will itself help us to have a good attitude and behaviour.2. Body i.e. the physical quotientOur body is all about our habits and our way of living. We can have a control on our physical quotient by waking up early morning, exercising, doing yoga and surya namaskar. Sun is the only living god we have present from past hundreds of years.We should also know how to manage our diet and food habits which further helps us to manage our anger. We can do this by not eating much of chilli and adding more of green vegetables to our diet.Always remember, “Your mind is invisible body and your body id a visible mind”3. Heart i.e. the emotional quotientWe learn to respect and love others from our heart. Our way of communicating with others is all derived from our heart. It is all about our personality and our character. Emotional quotient displays a human being’s thinking and characteristics.It is being advised that we should try to grow our Intelligent quotient and Physical quotient based upon our Emotional quotient.Life is Learning Institue For Everyone.4. Soul i.e. the Spiritual quotientIt is about the combination of all the other 3 quotients of our lives. We need to have a good soul together with our mind, body and heart to have a enhanced lifestyle.


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