Sunday, August 30, 2009

SUNDAY – The happiest day and WEDNESDAY – the worst

I know this is a weird and wonderful subject and you all must be wondering that why I wish for writing about this. The reason is, some time ago I was going through the news bulletin articles on internet and found that there has been a study done to prove that Sunday is the happiest day of the week and Wednesday is the worst. The subject matter fascinated me b’coz we Indians also have such a belief. And the basis for such faith might be that the majority of us take Sundays as weekends and have our working off’s on the same day of the week. It is enormously believed to be a family day where everyone is expected to spend time with their loved ones and enjoy to the fullest.

A recent study prepared by University of Vermont, Sundays are considered to be the happiest day which is the favourite of all while Wednesday is believed to be the worst day of the week. Although the research was done keeping in mind many factors and after considering the number of aspects as well as millions of blogs, but we Indians already had this as our mindsets from our childhood days.

Our parents used to have their working off on Sundays only irrespective of they being a businessman/businesswoman or into the service jobs. The Sundays are assumed to be the weekends where every individual is expected to spend time with their family members, complete their pending tasks, take pleasure in cinemas and meant for doing shopping be it from undersized shops or from luxury malls which are having increasing significance day by day. In India, you can notice the maximum number of footfalls and conversions in the malls, all cinema halls booked all picnic spots full of people on Sundays only. Since my early days, I memorize spending my Sundays in marketplace with my parents purchasing the useful stuff for us and for our sweet home and in the evening visiting India Gate, Delhi, enjoying the extraordinary light effects, fountains and eatables like popcorns etc. sitting in the surrounding parks of the well-known monument, India Gate. The few places that are famous to be visited on Sundays in Delhi are, India Gate, Children’s Park, Shopping Malls, and Cinemas etc.

On the other hand, Wednesday is considered to be the middlemost day of the week where the working folks have the highest amount of work stress and this is one of the reasons why it is believed to be the worst day. This is a day when even the students have to go to school and colleges’ without dreaming of the weekend as the weekend is still 3 days far-off. The gloominess level is high on this day as there is no enthusiasm of having fun and of enjoying in the near future i.e. at least for another 3 working days.

Now let me brief up about the study I read which also talks about the rest of the days of the week.

Mondays are considered to be a good day for investing in the stock market and also it is considered to be the day having the maximum deaths due to heart attacks.
Tuesdays are considered to be a good day to update blogs. According to the report by ‘THE DAILY TELEGRAPH’, maximum numbers of blog hits are reported to be done on Tuesdays.
Wednesdays are considered to be a good day for asking a hike in your salary from your boss but is considered to be a very bad day for driving.
Thursdays are good to give up smoking but bad for rain as one's willpower is strong for the first few days which helps you get through the weekend.
And, Fridays are good to sack someone, but bad for earthquakes. According to the study, half of the world’s worst earthquakes in history struck on Friday including the one that killed 30000 people in Gujarat in 2001.
Saturdays are a good day to have a baby but a bad day for drinking. Babies born on Saturdays have a better than average chance of becoming Prime Minister. Of 20 British PMs’ elected since 1900, six were born on a Saturday including Harold Wilson and Stanley Baldwin.
And, Sundays are a good day to communicate but bad for cooking, all females know it better.

Therefore now it’s a suggestion to work throughout the weekend accordingly and have fun to the fullest in our lives, which can be done on Sundays… :-)


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  1. hi,
    it was quite interesting blog but i think that every day of week is a new day doesnt matter its a wed or sunday. we have new goals,new things,new enerygy,new vibe every day when we get up in morning...e.g if we see raining irrespective of day we will feel good,.. so i dont blv in sun or wed.. i just blv is myself & try to make everyday as BEST day of my life...