Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sharing & Contributing

Sharing and Contributing are the two words that we listen too often from our parents and elders. They always edify us to share and contribute to others since the time we are born. Our elders see uncountable dreams ever since the day they know that an adolescent is soon going to enter this world and therefore they plan a lot concerning how will they bring him/her up so that he/she stands well in the human race. Sharing our thoughts, our money-orientated belongings and our life with others is what the most vital need of humankind. Humans are alleged to be communal animals who cannot survive devoid of the help of others around them be it another human being, flora and fauna or any other creation of the nature & supernatural being. Now let me take this opportunity to discuss about the diverse proceedings which emerge in an individual’s life cycle where he actually needs to share and contribute with the others. Let me commence in the midst of the very foremost juncture i.e. the date a kid primarily enters his kindergarten days. He is constantly educated so as to he learn to share his belongings among his other mates. He should spend time with his associates in order to comprehend each other well. A child is always evaluated on the basis of his contribution. Contribution can be in any field like contribution to the class sessions, contribution to the cultural events and also the contribution in maintaining the discipline of the campus etc.
I can still recall the very first day I stepped into an institution. It was a bright sunny day when my dad took me to my school. I resembled a typical Indian school adolescent, wearing the school uniform and having a diminutive school bag on my back which had few books, copies and a pencil box having 3 to 4 well sharpen pencils, an eraser, a scale and a sharpener. And of course, if you have gone through the same then you cannot fail to remember that unique water bottle that always hung in the neck together with a tidily folded handkerchief attached close to the left shoulder. I remember the moment when my dad handed me over to my class teacher who was standing in front of the classroom with a sun umbrella in her hand. She grabbed my hand and guided me towards the class and then to my bench where I was expected to park myself and become skilled at the fundamentals of existence of a soul. She seemed to be lovely but was reasonably strict. Here, in the kindergarten class we toddlers were expected to be trained to share and contribute to our lives. And as the days passed, we were trained new lessons and habits which gave us the capability to comprehend the nitty-gritty of living a great life in this globe.
I am really thankful to those teachers who spent their time to craft these little kids like me to be able to do well in life, which was never possible without them. Our teachers by no means gave up and contributed the major chunk to the positions we hold today. I know all of us must have thought of this many a times but very few of us would have got the opportunity to thank our so respectful teachers. I take this opportunity today through this blog, to thank my teachers, although I don’t want to take their names, for helping me understand this world, developing self-confidence, self-belief in me and enabling me contribute well to this world.

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